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Semiconductor Engineering Resourcing

  • Looking for temporary test engineers to debug your chip?
  • Needing to train your senior engineers for managerial positions in wafer sort operations, ATE resource management, and test planning?
  • Cannot find quafilied design or test engineers for the next projects?
  • Bidding for the next outsourced semiconductor project?
  • Wafers arrive, needing to run wafer sort programs now?

Or simply needing extra helps in semiconductor projects, contact us at VSource International Corporation.

We provides highly qualified semiconductor engineers to help with chip design, verification, test program development, pattern conversion, validation, debug, and many more.

VSource training programs produce many high calibre engineers ready for temporary and permanent positions in Vietnam or overseas.

Semiconductor Engineering Services

We also provide the lowest cost in engineering services. We have access to equipment and testing facility to land an extra hand. Contact us with your job requirements .


Outsourced Test Engineering


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